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Top 10 Low-Touch/Low-Cost Marketing Techniques & Ideas to Boost Your Business

For a business that’s just starting, allocating a big budget for marketing isn’t always feasible. But given how crucial marketing is for putting new businesses on the map, a considerable marketing push is quite necessary. If you’re looking for low-cost marketing strategies to boost your business, we’ve got you covered. Here are some out of […]

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5 startup ideas to pick with no/minimum investment

buisness ideas

5 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High Profit Starting a new business isn’t always easy on your wallet. But if you think it’s impossible to create your own business with a small investment, think again! It all depends on the idea you begin with and the tools you use. No-investment or low-cost business ideas are a […]

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Flipkart Acquires Walmart: What Does This Mean for Business in India?

Flipkart-Walmart Deal Insights The deal has left many astonished and jaws dropped in the market! If you are yet to discover the ins and outs of the acquisition, here is a sneak peek for you! Headed by Adarsh Menon, Flipkart will start its pilot services by August, 2020.  This B2B transition will let Flipkart launch […]

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A Day in the Life of a Developer: What’s Life Like for a Developer

Whether it’s a website, mobile application or utility software, we all prefer simple, easy to navigate, visually pleasing and responsive interfaces, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered the time, effort and nitty-gritty details of the person who is involved backstage for creating such perfect interfaces? A developer works tirelessly to achieve these milestones. His life […]

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GIF Marketing | How brands are using UX marketing to grow their business

Taking the marketing game up a notch is every business’s prime focus post-launch. With this decade being a complete game-changer in the business ideas and innovation space, brand marketing has also continually expanded. Today, if you have a business idea, it takes less than a day to set it up online. But what after that? […]

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Happiness is… Growing with Top-Talent amid Tough Times

Amid rising unemployment rates, visa suspensions, and furloughs, 2020 has left many professionals stranded with nowhere to turn to. Some companies did their bit by donating huge sums of money to collective government funds, where some were left with no choice but to slash their workforce due to unprecedented budget cuts. However, with proper planning […]

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Chinese Apps Banned in India: A Chance for Indian Entrepreneurs to Shine?

“Good Ideas are the backbone of the good government”- Brian Schweitzer Before starting, let me say it out loud that I am not a very political person. Like any other Indian, I have my opinionated voice irrespective of who stands in the power. Two days ago, a sudden announcement made me proud to be an […]

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Our Journey and How You Can Become a Part of Us!

Ever wondered how JungleWorks achieved such great success in just a span of 5 years? Well, here we are to share our story and how you can be a part of our journey to create a successful online marketplace.  A little about JungleWorks.. Jungleworks is a segment of ClickLabs inc, founded by Mr  Samar Singla […]

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How to Get Affordable Legal Advice by Sitting at Your Home?

Are you stuck in a lawsuit, and can’t figure a way out? Relax. Everyone gets involved in a legal case now or then, but the way out is easy once you get yourself the right legal guidance.  While the world has taken its shift online, Buddy provides an online consultation application for you to connect […]

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Why are Business Partnerships Important?

Are you struggling to increase your customer reach or manage your business venture? Tried all promotion strategies but they aren’t working out for you? Read along as we have the perfect solution to all your worries; Partnership with Jungleworks.  What is a business partnership?  To survive in the new online world, your business needs a […]

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