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Google CRM Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

Bulbul Google

Tired of Switching Between your Gmail Inbox Tab and CRM? Sales team around the globe use Gmail to schedule calls, demos, meetings and to generally follow up on clients and that usually means switching between your gmail inbox and CRM. What you need is a CRM, that integrates with Google account and centralizes all your […]

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Our Bird Gets New Stripes!

With a satisfied clientele in over 110 countries, one may say that stagnation might set in because we believe in our product – but one would be wrong. We at Tookan believe in continuous improvement as far as our services are concerned. Tookan can already optimize your business immensely by integrating several features into one […]

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GloriaFood Joins Hands With Tookan To Empower Online Food Deliveries

Rise of on demand economy has disrupted traditional industry value chains and revolutionized consumer behavior and expectations. Food delivery businesses in the on demand setup have a difficult goal to achieve – giving customers anything they want, anytime they want. GloriaFood, an online food ordering platform for restaurants, has joined hands with Tookan, a web and mobile based delivery […]

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Data Collection Made Effortless And Fun

Nowadays, customers can gain immediate access to the information relevant to distinct business services, products, and suppliers anywhere and anytime. This is why, customer insight is crucial for the growth and profits of a business. Accurate data collection can offer valuable insight into the behaviour and requirements of your business customers, but it is no […]

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