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How Fiverr Works: Business Model and Revenue Stream


Fiverr is an online talent solution company that facilitates the connection between the leading pool of freelance professionals and customers all around the globe. Fiverr’s Launch and Current Valuation Fiverr was launched in 2010 to provide a hybrid connecting platform for Freelancers and companies. Today Fiverr is valued at $3.1 billion and is often considered […]

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Building an On-Demand Home Service App with Husky

The digital era has led several businesses to shift to an online platform. Home service is one of the many on-demand businesses that has boomed on the digital forum. Customers no longer have to wait for days on end to have something fixed or get their house cleaned. Today, they can jump online to find […]

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Top 10 Freelance Websites and Platforms to Find Work in 2020

In current times, freelancers looking to earn extra money now have more choices available than ever before. And this is particularly true within the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that caused job cuts all across the globe and pushed the workforce to search for new job opportunities online which provided the freelance websites with […]

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How Upwork Model Works: Business & Revenue Model

Upwork was formed in 2015 post the merger of freelancing companies Elance and oDesk, in a bid to create a platform to bridge the gap between companies and freelance talent. Valued at USD 1.5 billion, the success of Upwork as a freelancing talent solution company has led to the emergence of many such freelance talent […]

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Earn 10 Times More By Building Your Own Freelance Marketplace instead of Freelancing on Upwork/Fiverr

The world of freelance has grown rapidly over the last decade. Something that was once a side job for many is now a major employment option in the business sector. More and more individuals are opting for freelance work because of its convenient work-from-home deal, giving them time forother things. Companies are also choosing to […]

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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Husky – a Freelancer Marketplace for Independent Female Professionals

Given the conditions of the COVID-19 outbreak that has caused job cuts all around the world, there is a growing demand for job opportunities online. That is where the freelancer marketplace platform  is gaining momentum like never before. So what is a Freelancer Marketplace Platform? A freelancer services platform is an online marketplace where businesses […]

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Make Money at Home By Creating a Freelancer Marketplace like UpWork/Fiverr

Working as a freelancer has grown in popularity over the years. In the past, being a successful freelancer meant networking with business officials in person in order to find jobs.This is a great business idea to begin with. As the need for freelancers has grown in today’s world, so have the number of platforms like […]

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Best Ways to Create a Business Marketplace Online

Husky Online Marketplace

Starting your own business just got easier! See what the world of on-demand business is like and learn how to create your very own online business marketplace platform right from the comfort of your own home using Husky.

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How to Sell Effectively on Online Marketplaces?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a dramatic change in the way we lead our lives. People have completely transformed the ways they work, learn, buy, and engage socially.Retailers today must be agile and flexible in how, when, where, and even why they sell. Any seller who wants to grow his business can’t ignore the elephants […]

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Husky: Freelance platform Builder

Freelancer platform is gaining high visibility and popularity in the market, owing to the tremendous response from the employer as well as the employee side. The intense flexibility offered to both sides has made it possible to form a required association as per their individual and momentary requirements. If you are a business owner or […]

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