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7 Best Rules To Retain Service Agents In Your Delivery Business

If your delivery business is booming in this competitive era, there is nothing much you need to work upon! All you have to do is manage all the pieces smartly so that there is no chance of looking back.  In many of the cases, it has been seen that many of the businesses fail to […]

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6 Steps to Optimize your Last Mile Delivery Service

last mile delivery

2020 is going to be a year where customer’s demand regarding the last mile delivery experiences will ascend. In 2019 there was a drastic escalation in the e-commerce industry and a noteworthy delivery experience has played a crucial role in providing the breakthrough. Reports and surveys state that 80% of e-commerce brands were successful in […]

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8 Amazing Strategies to Ensure your Delivery Business Succeeds

Parcel Delivery

Once you’ve started with a package delivery business, it’s basic to choose your delivery strategies and expenses. Your strategies and costs can be a principal factor for customers picking your service over a contender. 80% of online customers see package delivery cost as the fundamental factor, and around 66% decides not to choose a package […]

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5 mistakes you must avoid in your Delivery Business

Delivery Business

When it comes to delivery management, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. In the competitive delivery business, customer retention rate and the average lifetime value of the customer are most important factors to consider. A single bad impression of the delivery business results in loss of customers forever. To put it another […]

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61% consumers are willing to pay more for the same-day delivery

The old saying “Time is Money” holds even more truth in today’s on demand economy. The delivery sector is one such business segment which needs to be re-structured in order to save time and money for businesses and make sure that they serve their customers efficiently. Numbers don’t lie and here are few stats which […]

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