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How Airbnb Works | Insights into Business & Revenue Model

What is Airbnb? Airbnb is an online marketplace connecting travelers with local hosts. On one side, the platform enables people to list their available space and earn extra income in the form of rent. On the other, Airbnb enables travelers to book unique home stays from local hosts, saving them money and giving them a […]

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Here's Why “Uberification” is a Lazy Way to Describe On Demand Services

We now live in a world where it’s not size of your company that matters — it’s the speed at which it can adapt. The big question, is: what will your customers want tomorrow? Sometimes you can ask them, often you need to show them. We can see this happening with the new “On Demand” culture. If […]

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Beauty On Demand | Thriving Business Models to Get Ready for the Future

Everyone wants to look beautiful. This fact has powered the beauty industry to be one of the fastest growing industry in the world. But that’s not the only factor that can power the growth of your salon or beauty parlor in today’s world. Advancements in technology and consumer behavioral shifts have changed the way consumers interact with beauty […]

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3 Reasons Why On Demand Economy is Not Headed Towards the SpoonRocket “-ish” Fate

Naysayers are casting gloom over the nascent on-demand industry after a spate of startups struggling with provision of services and products as and when desired. Some of them even had to shut up shop. The latest to do so is SpoonRocket, a food-delivery platform, which eventually crossed the great divide after starving for funds. The […]

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10-Step Framework For Evaluating On-Demand Startups

This post was first published on Mahesh-VC.com There are many exciting on-demand start-ups out there going after some really interesting market opportunities.  Sadly, many of them won’t make it in the long run. In the previous generation of marketplaces there were countless contenders going after many different opportunities.  Yet, only a few became highly successful – companies such as Yelp, […]

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Uber Business Model Canvas: Know what led to Uber’s success

Uber, a cab company valued at $51 Billion without even owning a single cab has raised many eyebrows. The business model of Uber has created what is called the ripple effect in the on demand economy. The widespread term ‘Uber for X’ says it all. But, “What led to the massive success of Uber?” is […]

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Not Just Uber for X : On Demand Business Models of the world!

Uber has been a revolutionary concept in many ways, literally defining what on demand business models are. The larger than life goal of providing a reliable and efficient alternative transportation system in every place in the world has impacted many lives. The impact of the model has led to disruptive ripple effects with new platforms […]

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7 Industries being Disrupted by the On-demand Economy


As published on VenturePact.  Tap a button and get the world, sounds revolutionary right. That is what is being promised by emerging on demand platforms emerging in different verticals today. For the uninitiated, the ‘on demand economy’ is built on top of a technology infrastructure that brings the online and offline world together. Demand that […]

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7 factors that will make your Uber for X startup a success


Uber for X is attempting to disrupt industry value chains across many verticals. Both enterprises and entrepreneurs involved are vying to create successful platforms. But not all platforms created on the Uber for X model are successful. Here are 7 critical factors which can govern the road to success for your Uber startup. 1. Right […]

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A Guide to Choose Maps API for your On-Demand App

Digital maps were introduced in smartphones a long time back and navigation has helped us all reach our destinations numerous times. With advancements in technology, these digital maps have found their way into on-demand apps through APIs where they not just help the service providers with navigation but also help customers to know the estimated […]

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