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4 Service industries that drive the On-Demand Industry

On Demand Industries

The on-demand economy is supplanting traditional business models faster than we anticipated. The administrations combined with two or three applications empower provisioning of products and enterprises. With the rise of new companies like Postmates (anything accessible locally), JustPark (parking), task rabbit (handyman) and Airbnb (hospitality), Instacart (grocery), this surely working out as expected. Did you […]

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Six Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Digital Disruption

Almost all industry sectors have experienced digital disruption from the digital age. New tech start-ups have swept across many markets and eroded the profits of many major enterprise companies. This new and modern world we live in can be scary to many with business leaders fearing to take the plunge into the age of digital […]

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How the enterprises should acculturate with the trending On-Demand economy

The only thing which never changes is change. Yes, change is all around. Even a brief look at the history of business shows how technology has shifted the way we do business, and technology is at the heart of this major new direction. A major spinoff in the use of technology is the advantage that […]

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