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Keeping Delivery Costs Down This Holiday Season

In the current economic climate, keeping expenditure to a minimum is essential to the success of a small business. This extends all the way from overheads to delivery costs, the latter of which is challenging enough to keep down at the best of times, so you can imagine how difficult they can be to stay […]

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3 Things Local Retailers Must do to Remain Competitive During the Holiday Season

It’s the season to focus on holiday sales as the season is fast approaching. Most importantly, retailers now need to rethink and redefine the relationship between their stores and their customers.  The entire shopping experience has moved to customer’s laptops, bedrooms, and phones. This shift has therefore created great opportunities for retailers to streamline and manage […]

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Raids sprayed on cannabis delivery business

Have you ordered something online and wished it could get delivered immediately or you could track your package online? Well, to this on-demand services are the new in. With the advent of on-demand delivery services companies are increasingly empowering local businesses to reach local customers, even the fast-growing cannabis industries are not left untouched. With […]

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Chinese New Year: Impact on logistics and Mitigating Risk

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. As many in the logistics and transportation field know, the holiday has a huge impact on global supply chains originating in China. The first day of the Chinese New Year 2018, the […]

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Last Mile Delivery: Evolving Markets

Last mile delivery, especially in parcel delivery, is seeing a significant disruption and grabbing a great deal of attention from investors. The parcel delivery market is not only large but also dynamic with growth rates ranging from 7 and 10% in mature markets like the US and 300% in developing market like India. Last mile’s […]

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Predicting Arrival time (ETA): Improving Customer’s estimation

A convergence of research developments is driving the ongoing wave of Data Science. Unimaginable volumes of data are generated every day by a plethora of logistics providers. Most of the navigation applications today offer an Expected Time of Arrival or ETA as an appealing add-on feature. Many on-demand logistics companies like Uber, Ola, and Jugnoo are […]

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JD Logistics- Redefining Delivery Management

China’s largest online retailer, announced the establishment of JD Logistics recently, a new business group under JD.com. This will leverage the company’s advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide delivery services to businesses across a wide range of industries. Logistics groups have increasingly sought investments to fund work. Focus on solutions to supply-chain issues, including […]

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Is Amazon Go The Grocery Store of the Future?

The first clue that there’s something unusual about Amazon Go store of the future hits you right at the front door. It feels as if you are entering a subway station. A row of gates guards the entrance to the store, known as Amazon Go, allowing in only people with the store’s smartphone app. Inside […]

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Trends: On-Demand Food Delivery

The largest category of on-demand spending is online marketplaces with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually. Transportation comes in second with 7.3 million monthly consumers and $5.6 billion in annual spending, followed by food delivery at 5.5 million monthly consumers and $4.6 billion annual spending. This is expected to double this […]

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Pumping Up The Gas: On Demand Gas Delivery

On-demand fuel delivery services can be a boon for the customers just like so many other on-demand services like taxi booking apps. Access to the internet and smartphones have been influential in making many on-demand services popular among people. Startups in the online fuel delivery space are focusing on building a robust on-demand fuel distribution […]

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