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Be Vocal for Local: Support the Indian Economy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Vocal for Local

In times of distress, it is important to step up and do everything we can to help revive the Indian economy and work towards equipping our businesses with the tools to tide through such circumstances. The best way to do this is by being completely self-reliant and calling for a new form of globalisation.

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Panther (app) -Helping Dieticians transform their business online amid COVID-19

Are you a certified dietician who has been struggling to get back to your job in the midst of the lockdown? With each passing day, the uncertainty of going back to an earlier routine is increasing. The current situation has let many of the verticals to shut down their operations and wait till the things […]

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Business ideas to start from home during and post COVID- 19

business ideas

The Coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the global economy on a massive scale. The world is scrambling hard to combat the current and upcoming economic consequences of this black swan event. As this global economic crisis continues, it is expected that businesses will not return to normal for a long time. Even consumer behaviour will […]

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Don’t let this social distancing, distance your pets from optimum care!

Life has been a  roller coaster to us in the past few months. With many ups and downs coming our way because of the COVID-19 outrage, our society is confined to its four walls. People have decided to follow the authorities’ decision of staying at home and keeping them disconnected from all. People are widening […]

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After-effects of COVID-19: Will the Online market sweep away the existence of offline stores?

The past few months have been a challenge, to say the least. The emergence of this pandemic has caused a major economic crisis, leading to a global recession. Businesses worldwide are struggling as buyers are not able to interact with sellers, highlighting some key points of improvement in how the world conducts business.  The epicenter […]

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How far technology can help you to track your delivery agents’ health after a permit pass?

The restlessness among the world on the verge of COVID-19 outrage is nowhere to stop. In the rarest of situations, people are forced to stay quarantined in order to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. However, as we all know that show must go on! Making it practically implemented, many of the on-demand delivery […]

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Coronavirus overshadow rental market growth: Everything you need to know

The coronavirus wave had clobbered the world’s economy. With an overall downside, the revenue figures are very disappointing. Speaking in length about how this deadly outrage has shown its impact on the rental market growth, the statistical data shows a visible dip.  More than a quarter of the world is locked down and has left […]

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Is Coronavirus Epidemic a threat to the Real Estate industry?

The current COVID- 19 spread has shown its harsh consequences to the world. If we talk about its miserable effects on businesses, we have a sad report in our hands. With the people adopting to quarantine themselves to avoid the unexpected infection of Coronavirus, many businesses’ revenue is at stake. Talking religiously about the Real […]

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Say Cheers! to Online Alcohol delivery business in this COVID-19 outbreak

The rising pandemic of COVID-19 has already caused havoc that has eventually led to drastic consequences at a global level. The crowd is getting restless with the abrupt change and are worried about their future. People have started to self isolate themselves by maintaining social distancing. In such a chaotic situation, businesses are finding it […]

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Leaders Fight Back- Indian IT CEO Takes Initiative To Beat COVID-19 Economy Crisis

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century epidemic that has shattered the world economy with a record level of loss. The hurricane of Coronavirus is nowhere to stop soon. Though in such unwanted saddle atmosphere, our society has showcased its true potential to fight back, still there is so much to do, even now. When we speak about […]

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