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The Show Must Go On: How Juggernaut helped its Clients Survive the AWS’ S3 Crash

Last week, an unprecedented disruption led to a temporary paralysis of the Amazon Web Services in the US East Region. With websites like Quora and Trello down, users and database managers had no way to validate the consistency of their data or transactions. While some chose to shift their operations to an alternate location, there […]

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Amazon S3 Servers Crash: How B2B Services must Assist their Clients in the Crisis Hour?

Intelligence lies in finding opportunity in every calamity, and when one of the most reliable web services on the internet falters, it warrants additional efforts for any B2B Service. Earlier this week, when the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) experienced ‘increased error rates’ or simply a disruption in their service, it took down major websites […]

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The Juggernaut Approach To: On-Demand Home Services

We believe that the on-demand economy is approached with caution for one simple reason: A lack of knowledge. A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs fill their minds with misconceptions and technicalities, inevitably shying away from these business models – which is lamentable. We at NextJuggernaut believe in empowering you with the necessary knowledge to do away […]

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