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‘To weed or not to weed’: Starting Online Marketplaces For Cannabis

With increasing legalization, the cannabis industry is hot at the moment. Many entrepreneurs already entering the online marketplaces for cannabis discovery, order, and delivery. Find out more about the opportunities in the cannabis industry and how online marketplaces for cannabis are offering ultimate customer delight. It seems like only yesterday that the struggle for the […]

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Green Rush is in the Golden State in Uruguay

Uruguay can sell marijuana directly to consumers, being the first country in the world to legalize the entire process of marijuana production for recreational use, including its cultivation and sale. This new law has made possible for the country to sell the drug anywhere over the counter. Also, in Uruguay, it is permissible to use […]

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Zimbabwe Creates a Legal Mechanism for Medical Marijuana

The marijuana industry has grown significantly since 2000 and its legality varies from country to country. However, possession of the plant in small quantities has been decriminalized in many countries and sub-national entities in several parts of the world. Globally, marijuana is the most commonly used drug having a rich linguistic tradition. Is it really […]

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Guide to starting your own Cannabis Delivery Business

Cannabis, a taboo and its consumption a crime since many years, has now been made legal for medical and/or adult recreational consumption in many states and countries which makes it the perfect time for entrepreneurs to pick up on this opportunity and kick-start their own Cannabis delivery business. With an influx of heavy demand for […]

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Raids sprayed on cannabis delivery business

Have you ordered something online and wished it could get delivered immediately or you could track your package online? Well, to this on-demand services are the new in. With the advent of on-demand delivery services companies are increasingly empowering local businesses to reach local customers, even the fast-growing cannabis industries are not left untouched. With […]

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