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4 Service industries that drive the On-Demand Industry

On Demand Industries

The on-demand economy is supplanting traditional business models faster than we anticipated. The administrations combined with two or three applications empower provisioning of products and enterprises. With the rise of new companies like Postmates (anything accessible locally), JustPark (parking), task rabbit (handyman) and Airbnb (hospitality), Instacart (grocery), this surely working out as expected. Did you […]

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Google CRM Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

Bulbul Google

Tired of Switching Between your Gmail Inbox Tab and CRM? Sales team around the globe use Gmail to schedule calls, demos, meetings and to generally follow up on clients and that usually means switching between your gmail inbox and CRM. What you need is a CRM, that integrates with Google account and centralizes all your […]

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Meet JungleWorks in Melbourne, Canada, and Dubai!

1.  Startup Summit 2019, Chandigarh, 19-20 Jan ‘19 It’s an opportunity for you to connect with our founder, Samar Singla to explore how he fuels business growth. The conference brings together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation Join us […]

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Raids sprayed on cannabis delivery business

Have you ordered something online and wished it could get delivered immediately or you could track your package online? Well, to this on-demand services are the new in. With the advent of on-demand delivery services companies are increasingly empowering local businesses to reach local customers, even the fast-growing cannabis industries are not left untouched. With […]

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Fleet Management Softwares: Empowering Logistics

If you have more than two company vehicles, you have a fleet. And as with all business components, fleets need managing. Fleet management is basically the optimization of costs, risks and efficiency in fleet operations. Many organizations rely on fleet managers to control costs, maximize profitability, and reduce risks of their fleet vehicles. Fleet Management can be […]

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How to Develop an On Demand Gas Delivery App?

On Demand gas delivery services can be a boon for the customers just like so many other on-demand services like taxi booking apps. Access to the internet and smartphones have been influential in making many on-demand services popular among people. Startups in the on-demand gas delivery space are focusing on building a robust on-demand fuel […]

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Grab is adding bike-sharing to its ride-hailing service

Grab, Uber’s chief rival across Southeast Asia appears to be getting into bike-sharing after plans for a joint service with oBike in Singapore. As reported by Techcrunch, a resident in Singapore has shared photos of Grab Cycle bikes — which show an oBike logo being loaded into a van. Though Grab has not officially released […]

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Predictive Analytics to Reduce Churn: Subscription Model

Why Churn prediction Customer churn is one evil that all organizations dread. A well-informed customer base with multiple product and service options are not easy to retain. A robust and sustainable strategy for customer retention is very crucial. Retain, engage and increase the customer lifetime value can be achieved through Predictive Analytics. Traditional churn analysis […]

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Consolidation Start in E-Commerce Platforms

The acquisition of Toronto based startup, Unata by Instacart, the American organization has the ability to revolutionize the world of online grocery shopping. About Instacart Founded in 2012, Instacart gets your groceries delivered from the local stores to the customer’s doorsteps. They offer thousands of products to the customers and same-day delivery has been their […]

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GDPR for Startups- How to Get Ready?

Building a start-up sounds exciting and fun: chase funding, hire smart people, set up a fancy office, buy funky furniture and plan marketing. But how much exciting your venture is, there is one area that founders tend to ignore: Compliance. It does sound like a boring dull subject but the consequences of ignoring can get […]

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