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6 ways Knowlarity contributes to making Bulbul- A Smart CRM

Your business success depends upon how far you can go to connect with your leads and convert them at the right time. Putting up good efforts to market your brand is a pressing necessity to deal with the tough competition but channelizing the results to drive your ROI is uttermost important. CRM holds strong importance […]

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5 Ways a CRM can help your online business to grow

Today all of us can observe a visible shift in purchasing habits of a customer from traditional brick and mortar stores to online markets. Nearly anything can be bought online. It’s remarkable how swiftly this change has happened. The same can be said for the companies that enter this digital market. The ones who maintain […]

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12 Call Features Your CRM Must Have

One of the easiest and quickest ways to provide support to a prospect or a customer is a chat window or a chatbot on your website. But when the conversations start to become more interesting, they want to speak to a human. Sometimes setting a call centre solution, costs way more than the benefits it […]

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5 Ways CRM Can Boost an Organization’s Performance

Customer acquisition and retention are two vital processes for an organisation. While acquiring helps to increase your customer base, retention is important to have a constant revenue flow and maintain a good brand name in the industry. Here are some ways a CRM software can help you to minimise the cost of acquisition and help […]

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Why is CRM so important for your business in 2019?

CRM is how you make that experience happen. If your company hasn’t invested in CRM yet, 2019 is the time to get on board or be left behind

With today’s ultra-competitive market, organizations cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to their interactions with prospective clients and existing customers. Organizations are spending fortunes on CRM systems. And all the indications point to this figure only increasing in the foreseeable future. The latest forecasts from IT Intelligence markets predict that the global CRM […]

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CRM for Small Business and Startups

Managing data and contacts is one of the most critical aspects of business growth for any organization. As your business grows, you get more customers, handle bigger teams and manage more vendors. Valuable information about the leads gets lost in the vast spreadsheets, emails, SMS and phone calls. The growth of an organization comes with […]

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6 Technology Upgrades Needed to Keep Your CRM Ahead of The Curve in 2019

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In the global economy, that is increasingly mobile-centered, the key to differentiation and growth for any business is a seamless customer experience at every touch point. It is now the time to move past traditional CRM Softwares to a customer engagement platform that allows access to customer engagement across multiple channels. CRM software today provides […]

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Top 4 things to know before buying a CRM Software

The needs and requirements of every business are unique. Selecting a CRM software that best suits your business use case has to be a perfect balance of the cost involved, the features you need and the plan you have for your business in the future. Pricing of CRM solutions vary from free forever plan to […]

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Google CRM Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

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Tired of Switching Between your Gmail Inbox Tab and CRM? Sales team around the globe use Gmail to schedule calls, demos, meetings and to generally follow up on clients and that usually means switching between your gmail inbox and CRM. What you need is a CRM, that integrates with Google account and centralizes all your […]

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Creating Engagement through Effective Customer Lifecycle Management- A Field Service use case

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The underlying foundation of a successful business lies in its relationship with the customer and field service businesses are no exception, and may depend even more heavily on customer relationships than other types of business, due to the repetitive nature of those businesses. Modern CRM puts the client at the center of everything a business […]

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