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Google CRM Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

Bulbul Google

Tired of Switching Between your Gmail Inbox Tab and CRM? Sales team around the globe use Gmail to schedule calls, demos, meetings and to generally follow up on clients and that usually means switching between your gmail inbox and CRM. What you need is a CRM, that integrates with Google account and centralizes all your […]

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Map Overlays – Personalize Your Maps

Do you want the freedom to determine what you want to see on your maps or go with the basic, standard and non-exciting map? Jungleworks has always strived to give what is expected and even more. Gladly, our zest for going the extra mile has always paid off and helped us make customer satisfaction our […]

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Merchant Entity for Tookan

Do you want to become an aggregator and manage multiple merchants in your business? Tookan brings just the right solution for that with our latest “Merchant Entity” add-on, which can be activated from the extensions and can be used for onboarding merchants and managing the related fleets and tasks. Admin has full control over the […]

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