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What if Working From Home Goes On…Forever?

Work from home forever

Endless Zoom calls and network lags also added to the stress of this new and unfamiliar environment that is now being modified as per individual business needs.

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5 Ways Lovely Professional University is using Fugu To Strengthen The Campus Communication

The adaptive ways of technology have opened many doors for improvement when we speak about the education system. Gone are the days, when a student-teacher relationship was confined up to the four walls of the classroom. With a more competitive atmosphere building up around the society, the ongoing need to maintain healthy and strong communication […]

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Here’s How To Deal with mid-sem Coronavirus Impact On Educational Institutes

This harsh wave of Coronavirus has made the world to get a major setback in almost every aspect of life. With the economy of the world getting weakened day by day, there is no near hope to get rid of this Coronavirus crisis.  The progression of this epidemic is nowhere to stop in the near […]

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