Ace your business performance with decisive analytics

Get equitable insights in real-time to make informed decisions & analyze the responses with precise data validated reports.

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All-In-One Platform to retrieve analytical insights & leverage a result-driven approach for your business

Mapping the entire

Get a complete overview of your campaign's journey and identify the points where your customers are dropping off. Narrow down your audiences based on demographics, device, source of data, and many more.

Data-packed Cohort Reports
to analyze ROI

Bumbl's analytical reports help you to dig deep according to the customers' preferences and behavior throughout the journey. Calculate overall revenue & optimize your marketing efforts based on data-driven reports.

Invest your time on

Get an overview of all the mixed responses from your one-time and consistent customers & draft your operations accordingly to generate maximal outcome out of minimal efforts

Evaluate the performance of various engagement channels

Get the individual analysis over the performance of engagement channels and invest your time and efforts in the high-performing ones.

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Track Real-time insights for website, app & Campaigns

Get a hold of the behavior of your audience in real-time & figure out a way to attain conversions by interpreting the insights, activity, and other important metrics.

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Observe the Trend & Formulate your Plans

Use the data points to identify a pattern for the exit poles of your customers and try to implement strategies to reduce the bounce rate thereby increasing the rate of engagement

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Scale-up at an exponential rate by drafting your efforts based on data validated reports & insights

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