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How To Build A Site Like Just Eat Or Deliveroo

By Nelson Pinto 14th June 2018

The following article talks about essentials to consider while building food ordering
site like Just Eat, Deliveroo, Grubhub, Seamless, or Delivery Hero and the costs associated with it.

If you plan on starting a marketplace for Food and Restaurant, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. It’s a great time to be in the online marketplace space. As per a recent study, online marketplaces will make up for more than 40% of the online retail channel by 2020. Collaborative Economy has set the right tempo for the growth of on-demand marketplaces.

Website Like Just Eat

In the recent past, a lot of clients have been enquiring about setting up online hyperlocal marketplaces for aggregating restaurants. So let’s understand what it takes to build an online hyperlocal marketplace like Just Eat, Deliveroo, Grubhub, Seamless, or Delivery Hero using the cheapest website builder.

What Will You Need

Order Management System: This would help your customers browse through different food categories and restaurants and select what they need. The order management system should also assist them with making payment through any global or local payment solution and availing offers. The key aspects of an order management system are- 

  • Restaurant Ordering Website: You will need a user-friendly, fully-responsive marketplace website for restaurants which enable your customers to browse through menus and place orders online. This enables customers to select from a rich list of restaurants on your website and this increase salience of your website.

Site Like Just Ear

  • Ordering Apps: The world is moving towards mobile-first. You will need an app which is adaptive to both iOs and Android to enable your customers to access the ordering website on-the-go.

Site Like Just Eat

  • Marketplace Admin Dashboard: This is the most important feature in creating an online marketplace for restaurants. The admin dashboard helps you manage menu, inventory and restaurants on your online marketplace. In order to create a site like Just Eat or Deliveroo, it is very important that you are able to manage restaurant timings, run promotions and referrals, and manage ratings and reviews on the website.

Site Like Just Eat

  • Restaurant Portals: The portal enables merchants to add and manage their menu on the website. They can also mention restaurant timings and stock levels through the portal.

Delivery Management System: To provide a complete end-to-end ordering site like Just Eat or Deliveroo, it is important that you provide a great delivery experience. The eventual satisfaction for a customer arises out of the last-mile delivery. Delivering has more impact than ordering on the entire user experience. Thus it is necessary that you have a dependable delivery management system in place. There are 4 types of delivery which an ordering platform normally encounters in their operations. The right delivery management solution handles all the types seamlessly.
Some of the key features that you require from your delivery management system are as follows:

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Notification & Alerts
  • Automated Task Allocation
  • Powerful Analytics
  • In-App Chat
  • Document sharing
  • On-Time Deliveries

Decrease the delivery costs and increase efficiency of your marketplace through a great delivery management solution.

Real Time Chat Support: “Customer Delight” is the trending word in Customer Service industry today. It is not about just servicing your customers anymore but going the extra mile. To build a site like Just Eat or Deliveroo, you will need a real-time chat support system which can be used for the following

  • Handling Customer Requests and Grievances Instantly
  • Creating Personalised Orders.
  • Placing Bulk Orders.

Increase repeat customers and reduce order cancellations in your business by using real-time chat support.

4) Advanced Analytics: Information is the new currency. It is vital that your order management system support analytical tools for reports and visualizations. An ordering website can learn the following things from analytics:

  • Reports about sales and top performing restaurants.
  • Analysis of orders segregated time and geography wise for better supply-demand planning.
  • Customer Behaviour reports to assist promotions and referrals.
  • Order reports to update the menu as per sales of products.

Advanced analytics dashboard has helped marketplaces increase their revenue and reduce costs exponentially, through strong data-driven insights.

Costs associated With Building A Online Website Like Just Eat or Deliveroo

Building an ordering website like Just Eat or Deliveroo can be quite a task. One approach is to Start building the marketplace website from scratch. This is a highly customizable option where you can have your entire marketplace designed.  Due to concentrated efforts, the cost building with this option is very high and the go-to-market time for the marketplace is longer; the price of which could begin anywhere between $30-40K depending on your requirements

The second approach is using a SaaS offering. There are a number of Online Marketplace platforms which can help you build a site like Just Eat or Deliveroo.

Yelo is an online marketplace platform which helps you create your own online marketplace website for selling goods, offering hyperlocal services, collaborating professional and renting spaces. Yelo can be used to design any marketplace under the sun with minimum technical knowledge. Yelo is a SaaS platform which works on subscription model. There is no extra cost for the number of transactions on the platform and you can start with as low as $0.

With Yelo, you get
1) Customized Website complete with you logos, domain name and brand elements.
2) Dynamic Marketplace Apps available for iOS and Android users.
3) Powerful admin dashboard to control your entire marketplace.

To top the powerful offerings given by Yelo, it is also integrated with a delivery management software, a real-time chat support and an advanced analytics tool; a suite very few companies can boast of in the market.

Site Like Just Eat

Numbers Say It All

Yelo has helped several businesses around the globe go online; most of whom are in the business of aggregating food providers and restaurants With over 100 happy clients, Yelo has achieved excellence across industries and we are still learning new things to provide marketplace solution.

Our clients have witnessed:

  1. 79% increase in the number of orders per day.
  2. 37% increase in the number of repeat customers.
  3. 53% reduction in order fulfillment costs.

You can even stay one step ahead of all your competitors, by picking up merchant app from Yelo. Get a chance to keep your operational processes at a great ease with it. Don’t limit your business reach to a handful of audiences, its time to make a big by connecting to worldwide audiences.

Create your ordering website like Just Eat or Deliveroo with Yelo today and turn your dream into a booming reality.

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