Benefits of starting online marketplace for an existing business

Kruthika Vadhera 23rd November 2020

What is an Online Marketplace?

An online marketplace is a website where businesses and third-party sellers list their products and services for buyers to choose from and purchase. A classic example of an online marketplace would be Amazon, Zomato, etc. This allows you to take your business online by allowing you to target and sell products and services directly to your customers . In today’s age of the internet, having an online presence is the easiest way to reach your customers since there is no geographical barrier when you’re online.

There is no better time to build an online marketplace. Your existing business, depending on its vertical, can easily make the transition to an online marketplace thanks to the different tools and online marketplace software available.

Before we discuss how to create an online marketplace, let’s look at some of the benefits of an online marketplace for existing businesses:

  • Low Cost of Investment
  • Reach Booster
  • Minimal Personnel
  • Easy Marketing Opportunities
  • Limitless Growth
  1. Low Cost of Investment

One of the biggest benefits of starting an online marketplace is the cost involved. You can set up your marketplace with assistance from an online marketplace platform like Yelo and not overspend on hiring coders and designers to create it from scratch. When compared to setting up a brick and mortar business, an online marketplace works out to be much cheaper. There’s no substantial investment involved and all you need to set up your online marketplace is a computer/laptop and a decent internet connection. With an online marketplace builder like Yelo to support you in your online marketplace transition, you don’t even need to spend too much time on the process. Yelo can create a fully functional online marketplace for you in a day without any coding or setup fees.

2. Reach Booster

It goes without saying that an online marketplace can give products or services a reach unlike anything else. If you have a physical store selling goods, your customers will most likely be people who’re physically close to the store and in some odd cases tourists or other random customers who chance upon your store. But when you have an online store, you don’t have to be restricted by your physical location. Your online business in New Delhi can have customers from Mumbai, Shimla, Dispur, and even outside the country if your logistics support allows for that. The possibilities are endless when it comes to an online marketplace so long as people on the internet are aware of your business. That can happen only with robust search engine optimization practices and a stellar marketing initiative.

3. Minimal Personnel

The great thing about an online marketplace is that you don’t need a team of 100 to run the show. If you get your online marketplace built by Yelo, you can take over all by yourself. Yelo offers a dedicated admin dashboard using which you can manage every aspect of your business without needing any support staff. From onboarding new vendors to accepting or rejecting incoming orders, the admin dashboard allows you to do everything you need to run a successful online marketplace. Since you don’t need to employ or partner with others, you can save a lot of money on operational costs and earn more profits.

4. Easy Marketing Opportunities

It’s much easier to market something that is online when compared to an offline business or marketplace. The powerful world of the Internet allows for inexpensive and effective marketing opportunities using which you can reach your target audience and get actionable leads. Some ways you can promote your online marketplace include ad campaigns on social media platforms, display advertising on relevant websites, focused SEO practices, and even paid search ads if your budget allows for it. If your marketing efforts pay off, you’ll not only introduce your online marketplace to a lot of potential customers but also convent a decent chunk of these visitors into paying customers.

5. Limitless Growth

One of the biggest advantages of starting an online marketplace is the possibility of exponential growth. Lower operational cost, wider reach, ease of operation, and seamless marketing all come together to propel your online marketplace to great heights. The best part is that your return on investment can be tenfold if your idea is unique and your execution is flawless. By harnessing the power of technology and utilizing the expertise of an online marketplace builder like Yelo, you can run a successful online marketplace without much effort.

Sold on starting a local online marketplace? Allow Yelo to lead you through the transition flawlessly. With our powerful suite of features designed to make your online marketplace a success, you can chart new heights of success. Our online marketplace platform is armed with features like an ordering dashboard, customer mobile apps, real-time order tracking, and much more. Have questions about how Yelo can help you create an online marketplace? Reach out to our experts today and get started on your online journey.

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