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    Economic Impact Of Efficient Workplace Communication

    Efficient Team Communication

    Ever wondered why some businesses advance rapidly even in today’s world? Healthy communication is the reason for success. In the last two years, explosive innovation in workplace communications technology with endless features are changing the way we communicate, collaborate and share information bringing significant efficiency gains in all activities. Due to changes in employee’s needs, […]

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    Office Collaboration Tools Are The #FUTUREofWORK For 2019


    Businesses have encountered only the tip of the iceberg in using digital technology to improve employee efficiency. The next generation of tools will provide still further improvements to employee efficiency, which is about helping people to do things right. But these advance, smarter tools will have a much greater impact, by improving employee effectiveness, which […]

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    Fugu Or WhatsApp, Choose The Best For Your Business

    Why Fugu when you can communicate over WhatsApp? Sometime back I had a pretty embarrassing moment – I ended up sending a WhatsApp message to my colleague which was meant for my best friend. I apologized to my colleague, who was to my relief, quite understanding. Thankfully this incident didn’t lead me to hide behind […]

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    Two-way Screen Sharing with Fugu

    Ever thought that you can view your friend’s screen even if he is located on the other side of the earth? That’s where Fugu Jumps In. Fugu, the One Stop Office Communication Suite now introduces screen sharing. Fugu’s screen sharing feature plays a vital role in today’s arsenal of web meeting tools. Whether you are […]

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    Workplace 3.0 – Less Meetings, Even Lesser Emails, Faster Communication

    Imagine you can simplify team communication and put a halt at wasting precious work hours sending emails. All successful projects start with a strong team, and teams are strong only when they have effective communication strategies and each team member is informed about what’s going on. In a conversation with a long list of back […]

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