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    Xitij Kothi talks about how Parcelled picks, packs and delivers on-demand! : Startup Story #28

    This week we bring to you the startup story of Parcelled, an on demand logistics service that’s making waves in India. In an interview with Next Juggernaut, Xitij Kothi, Founder and CEO of Parcelled, talks about what led him to found it and where he sees it going now that it has secured both funding […]

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    How oToBOTS is becoming USA’s trusted car mechanic – anytime, anywhere! : Startup Story #28

    How many times you have had to put aside a weekend for getting your car serviced! Plenty, I am sure. As the roads become busier and vehicle maintenance costs spike up, getting your car out for service can be a pain. oToBOTS aims to solve that by connecting car mechanics and car owners. As it […]

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    Pitch Decks Repository

    Here’s a collection of some cool pitch decks to learn from: Lawn Starter enables you to instantly book the best lawn service providers in Austin, Orlando and the DC metro area. Their first pitch deck got them $1M from angel investors. It raised $6M in June 2015. See their first deck – here GrubHub helps […]

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    Client Success Stories of Juggernaut- Lessons to be learned from Jugnoo

    Client Success Stories of Juggernaut

    “What can we do in 6 months?” This was a question I asked myself last September. I am the co-founder of Juggernaut and it was growing pretty well given the value proposition we were bringing to the clients. One thing that we were feeling slightly helpless with was helping you scale post-launch from the non-technology […]

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    4 Key Elements that will impact your Uber-like Business Model

    Logistics = Efficiency + Reliability Uber has built a $40 billion company based on these core principles. At the heart of this valuation lies the success Uber has showcased in making a previously inaccessible service cheaper and more accessible. Not surprisingly the disruptive innovation has gone on to impact many other industry value chains. The […]

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    Ebook: 5 things to know before choosing digital maps API: Google Maps Vs Mapbox explained

    The on demand economy is no longer a fad. It is here, there, everywhere! This is not a sudden change, but one that has happened, and still happening gradually, powered by the collusion of numerous factors that have all come together to make our life easier – one tap to get everything under the sun, […]

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    Sharing Economy- Banking of Things

    One of the most important economic invention has been banking because of the multiplier effect it has on the money supply of a country. Simply put, most of the money just sits in some vault most of the time rather than being used for a transaction. Now banks started lending most of the money sitting in […]

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