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    How To Create an Online Consulting Software: Step-By-Step Guide

    Consulting software

    The demand for online consulting software is growing in sectors like education, finance, health, agriculture, etc. As the internet is reaching more remote parts of the world, the consulting business is further booming, and several new startups have emerged. Enterprises are trying to make the most of this opportunity by creating a global platform for […]

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    How to Create a Ready-To-Go White Label Telemedicine Platform

    white label telemedicine

    Telemedicine has shifted from being a handy tool to an essential service used by millions of people all around the world. Among other pandemic-adaptive norms, telemedicine is here to stay. Here is everything need to know about how you can launch your white label telemedicine platform in minutes! While previously, we chose between visiting a doctor’s […]

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    Importance of Mental Health Consultation During COVID-19

    mental health consultation

    According to a study, about 41% of the surveyed reported going through anxiety or a depressive bout in January 2021, against just 11% in 2019. This jump in number is mostly credited to the pandemic as many suffered job loss, isolation, and the general disconnect from normal life.  The stigma around mental health hinders many […]

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    Building an eLearning Platform from Scratch!

    Building an eLearning Platform from Scratch!

    The education industry was always evolving, even before the pandemic started. But, 2020 turned out to be a monumental year when eLearning platform started operating at full capacity. The pandemic and the consequent nationwide lockdowns catapulted the eLearning industry to the top. Elearning platform offers easy access to education through a mobile app or a […]

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    10 Reasons Why Doctors Should Consider Going Digital: Know Everything About Online Telemedicine

    Online Telemedicine

    With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, we saw an unprecedented overburdening of healthcare systems around the world. The pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and maintain social distance. Thankfully, technology has made our lives much easier in these trying times. Everything from groceries to salon services is available to us in the […]

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    Why Building A Loyal Customer Base Is Important

    The customer-purchasing process could be a long and winding road. Multiple touchpoints on multiple channels intertwine to make a buyer’s journey that’s difficult to predict and influence to form an acquisition. Within a B2B pharmaceutical and natural science new business context, things are harder yet. Even for the seasoned marker, marketing to draw in new […]

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    Why Should You Invest In Building An Astrology Software?

    Let’s say you have a very important job interview tomorrow. You have polished your resume. Set all the alarms, brought your clothes back from the laundry, checked the fuel in your car. Basically, you’ve left no stone unturned to improve your chances of bagging that job.  But later that evening, while on a call with […]

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    How To Start Online Healthcare Consultation Business – Everything You Need To Know

    It is no surprise how the healthcare industry has grown over the years . Healthcare is an indispensable part of our life. And hence it needs a constant revolution to fill in the demands . Healthcare combined with IT and technology or Online Healthcare Consultation has made lives easier for both patients and healthcare providers. […]

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    Online Consulting- The Future Of Consulting Industry


    The global consulting market has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past couple of decades. And that is because of the increasing need for assistance across such diverse niches as healthcare, business operations, financial services, and many more. Moreover, North America which accounts for nearly half (44.5%) of the global consulting market, generated around $78.7 billion […]

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    Evolution Of Telemedicine During the Pandemic!


    As The famous saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention/innovation “. We have also observed the rise of many innovative ideas one of which is Telemedicine. Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communication and software to provide clinical services to a patient without an in-person visit. During the pandemic, telemedicine has stepped up as […]

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