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    Tookan Introduces Tookan Tracker – GPS Fleet/Asset Tracking Device

    Tookan Tracker

    We, at Tookan, are pleased to introduce Tookan Tracker – GPS fleet/asset tracking device with varied specifications that will allow consumers to manage and track their fleet through Tookan. These devices are very easy to install and are pre-integrated with Tookan admin dashboard. Tookan Tracker will work independent of Tookan Agent App and hence, your […]

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    Hippo One-Stop Communication: Messenger and Email

    We are pleased to announce multi-channel messaging in Hippo. Businesses can now accumulate conversations from customers, from their support emails and Facebook page at a single place in Hippo. Why integrate Facebook with Hippo? We’ll route messages from Facebook to Hippo Dashboard, keeping all of your customer communication in one place. You can read, manage […]

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    Five ways chat can improve your operational efficiency


    On-demand services are synonymous to spontaneity and responsiveness. Biggest challenge for businesses to meet those requirements is to ensure their operational processes are efficient. Businesses need to make sure new agents are onboarded quickly, changes in tasks are handled gracefully in real time and agents are incentivized and kept motivated to finish the tasks in […]

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