• Empowering Fieldforce

    Decoding the Challenges of Route Optimisation

    UPS announced recently that they reduced their delivery travel distance by around 45.8 million miles over the last few years. That is a phenomenal achievement, which was made possible by using a route optimisation algorithm that completely eliminated left turns for their drivers. The benefits of this were enormous – from reduced delivery times, to […]

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    Geo-Analytics – Paving the Way Ahead

    Data of all kinds has always been dear to businesses, as it draws them closer to the world of consumers, and helps them formulate the right strategies to enhance consumer experience. Location- based data is one such insightful wonder, opening doors to a treasure of information for businesses, lending them wings to spread in multiple […]

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    Automation and the Future of Logistics and Delivery

    ‘Change is inevitable in a progressive society. Change is constant.’ – Benjamin Disraeli Times are changing at a rapid pace where both, technology and consumer expectations are gradually evolving, one leading to the growth of other, and vice versa. Mobile phones have taken control of our daily lives, and the magical growth of mobile internet […]

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