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    The Bright Future Of Subscription Boxes Seems Rich

    Forget the tiring shopping as the future is here in cardboard boxes. Yes, whether you are a foodie, beauty freak, or Do-It-Yourself junkie, there are strong chances that a subscription box service is waiting out there for fulfilling your needs. For those who are not familiar with what this new retail trend is, let’s throw some light upon […]

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    Last Mile Delivery Landscape

    According to the latest research, e-commerce sales have become enormous and they will reflect a drastic increase of approximately 20% by the end of 2016. Leading the retail expansion to untouched markets, the e-commerce sector is focusing on pressurizing the retailers to match customers’ expectations throughout diverse platforms, devices, and locations globally. Another driving need […]

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    Tookan Partners with GloriaFood

    GloriaFood is an online ordering system that allows restaurant owners to set-up their online presence within minutes. We believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. GloriaFood makes it possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order. The Key Pointers GloriaFood Abides By: Free of cost […]

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    Data Collection Made Effortless And Fun

    Nowadays, customers can gain immediate access to the information relevant to distinct business services, products, and suppliers anywhere and anytime. This is why, customer insight is crucial for the growth and profits of a business. Accurate data collection can offer valuable insight into the behaviour and requirements of your business customers, but it is no […]

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    Tookan Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Nanobots To Empower Field Workforce

    The Future Of Field Workforce Management Is Here Sooner Than You Think Those who were fantasized by one of the most powerful scenes in the global chartbuster movie named, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, where Dr. Cobra Commander, supreme leader of the Cobra organization, prepares an invincible fleet of “Super Soldiers” by injecting technologically […]

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