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    Want to keep track of all your delivery rider’s transactions? Then the Agent wallet by Tookan is all you need!

    Agent Wallet by Tookan (delivery management software) brings you the flexibility to keep a record of all the transactions done by an agent. It’s a seamless way to integrate the task pricing and earnings with the agent wallet. In this, Wallet refers to Pricing while Credits refers to Earning of the Task. You have the […]

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    How will Google Maps Update Disrupt the On-demand Industry?

    Google Maps Update is what everyone in on-demand delivery business is talking about. Here’s why: Unlike the rest of the economy, on-demand delivery companies experienced tremendous growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Where customers shied away from stepping outside their houses, the success of these on-demand platforms skyrocketed. However, this boom in demand was easily captured […]

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