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    On-Demand and Live Streaming

    On-Demand and Live Streaming For the past years we have been noticing changes within the media industry, we see the media falling into the long list of industries disrupted by the ever changing technological features and transitions to more digital content formats. The increase in number of user subscriptions to devices supporting digital media has […]

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    Want to develop an app like Uber? Know the cost and other details

    How much doest it cost to make an app like uber How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber? We come across this question almost always when we think about app development for building apps like uber. The answer always is – It depends! Uber’s business model has given rise to a […]

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    3 Reasons Why On Demand Economy is Not Headed Towards the SpoonRocket “-ish” Fate

    Naysayers are casting gloom over the nascent on-demand industry after a spate of startups struggling with provision of services and products as and when desired. Some of them even had to shut up shop. The latest to do so is SpoonRocket, a food-delivery platform, which eventually crossed the great divide after starving for funds. The […]

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    Ebook: Models for an ‘On Demand Business’

    (Ebook download link at the bottom) About three years ago, no one had ever heard of Uber. Today, if there’s still someone who hasn’t heard of Uber or doesn’t know what the on-demand economy is, they must be living in a cocoon, some thousand light years away. In the years following its launch, on demand […]

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    Ebook: Sharing Economy

    We started exploring the idea of sharing economy, a year back, and when we look back, we see people giving them definitions closer to their understanding of how this revolution has touched their lives in more than one ways. In this context, it’d be appropriate to quote Rachel Botsman, who’s ‘complete picture’ quadrants put all […]

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    Not Just Uber for X : On Demand Business Models of the world!

    Uber has been a revolutionary concept in many ways, literally defining what on demand business models are. The larger than life goal of providing a reliable and efficient alternative transportation system in every place in the world has impacted many lives. The impact of the model has led to disruptive ripple effects with new platforms […]

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    How to scale your On Demand Startup to become the next Unicorn


    Premature scaling on any of the dimension kills 74% of startups as per a research done on 3200 startups under the Startup Genome Project. The 5 dimensions identified were – customers, product, team, business model and funding. The rules of the game are no different for On Demand startups. For the uninitiated, On Demand marketplace […]

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    Why the Contractor-Employee Conundrum Isn’t a Fatal Liability for the On-Demand Economy

    As published on Streetfightmag Convenience, and value are how customers visualize Uber and many other Uber-like platforms that have come up in different verticals. These platforms have led to a prosperous gig economy taking roots in Silicon Valley and giving workers many avenues for supplemental income. Potential for disruption for these platforms is associated with […]

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    Juggernaut – Frequently Asked Questions

    Stories of established companies often account for an interesting read. They inform interested stakeholders about the vision, value proposition and modus operandi of the organization. Account executives at Juggernaut are asked day in and day out about what the company is about, how you work, technologies you use and many related questions. I thought this […]

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    Case Study – The Bite Kite Recipe

    Unless you’re ordering a pizza, you’ll be strapped to find any food delivered to you under 30 minutes. Traditional food delivery has never had a reputation for speed or efficiency; unfortunately, however, an ever-busy consumer market has no time time to wait. That’s why the Juggernaut team was excited to jump on this long-existing market […]

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