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    Food Delivery Market Is On Fire – DoorDash Receives Series G Funding Worth $600 Million

    Food delivery market is on fire and money is the fuel. A startup launched out of graduate school dorm room, DoorDash recently got Series G funding of whooping $600 million. DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery startup and Venture capitalists are now valuing the San Francisco-based company at $12.6 billion. New investors include Darsana Capital Partners […]

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    Setting up an online store with SaaS platform

    Over the past few years, e-commerce or digitization has completely changed the buying and selling process of goods and services. Today entrepreneurs are moving to an online store so that they can reach to the larger audience and give their customers convenience, to order round the clock and from any corner of the world. According […]

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    How chatbots are revolutionizing business?

    Chatbots are taking the business world to a whole new level. It has become necessary for businesses to respond to customer queries quickly and it has to be precise. Customers don’t want to listen to any information apart from what they have asked for, all they need is a direct answer without any delay or […]

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    Introduction to Chatbots and their history.


    ChatBots might sound like an alien word but you have no idea what all have been achieved when we say chatbots. They are not only gaining popularity in the business world but people are also implementing bots in their business. “Phew! That was a long support chat” You must have often heard your colleagues from […]

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    Role of Customer Success in Business

    Customer success is a term which is gaining popularity in the business world today. In fact, it is becoming the most important factor that impacts the revenue of any company. It can be a reason because of which business will become successful or face downfall. So, before we move further, we first need to understand: […]

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    How Customer Support leads to Customer Success?

    Today agents who are working to support customers have different designations like customer support agent, customer success manager, happiness specialist and many more. But people actually wonder about what is the difference between these different names given to agents. Customer Support and Customer success are two different terms which are often used interchangeably. This creates […]

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    How Live Chat Software Cultivates your Revenue

    There are studies that prove that live chat software cultivates the revenue for a business. These studies might vary from case to case but it proves that there is a positive impact of chat support on the revenue of a business. Live chat software is one of the best tools that you can incorporate in […]

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    Customer Demands Support Not Excuses

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused we will surely help you… But does even really help comes or these are just statements used by customer support reps to stroll the customer? We all must have some bad customer support experience and to be honest, I am currently going through one because of an electronic device I […]

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    Evolution of Customer Support Services

    Think of the time when there were no phones or computers and people use to walk miles for product-related information or repairs to the retail store. It was a time, effort and money consuming process and businesses were not making any effort to improve the customer support services or user experience.  Can you think of being […]

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