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    New Feature: Relax. Recur. Rewind.

    This week, we introduce yet another feature to Tookan, which will amplify its already potent scheduling capabilities. We call this the Recurring feature – while simple in its scope, its potential is immense. A Few Cases to Chew On Let’s run a case-by-case scenario, particularly to do with logistics based businesses. These include food-delivery gigs, […]

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    A One-Stop Shop for all Restaurant Delivery Software Concerns

    The Business of Restaurant Delivery In this day and age, it is very hard to manage a restaurant that does not accommodate for any form of food delivery in its business plan. It can be hyperlocal, or it may scale up indefinitely. Restaurants who do indulge their consumers by delivering food to their door step […]

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    Intelligent Integration: Tookan and OOS

    Integration and Perfection In a world where digital revolution has transformed the markets to an extent that in a matter of hours a company’s brand image can either skyrocket or crash. In this competitive landscape, the ability to integrate digital intelligence gives companies a significant edge when it comes to understanding and anticipating market movements. […]

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    The Art of Scheduling, Perfected Tookan Style

    Every business is dependent on the efficiency of its employees, or operators. Their availability and schedules determine how well your enterprise will work. What if we could optimize this workflow for you to another level?   Integrating Tookan with Driver Schedules. Synergize your employees’ timings. Manage their shifts as per availability. Plan in advance for […]

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    Email Parsing for Tookan

    Smart Automation Tookan, our business automation platform gets yet another add-on in the process of self-improvement. We’ve already detailed the workings of Tookan in previous posts – it is a one stop solution to managing your logistical and payment-oriented needs, along with generating predictive and analytical data to enable you, the customer, in making the […]

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