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    8 Reasons why you should use FUGU instead of Telegram

    As we are building Fugu– an all-purpose Team Chat App, we always make sure to check our competitors, analyze them and learn more about them. We have already written a few articles on Slack alternatives, WhatsApp and Skype. In this article, we will discuss Telegram in detail. Let’s have a better understanding of both through […]

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    Now fugu became more interesting and user-friendly

    Fugu has not stopped updating its app with new features to set it apart from competitors. As a part of that now fugu brings a new web dashboard look that simplifies the usage of an existing feature. Typically this update includes visual improvements and significant changes to improve the overall experience. Getting into detail……. Till […]

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    Now make your administrative tasks as a piece of cake with fugu

    The HR department needs to evaluate the performance of each and every employee in the organization. But the employee rate was increasing day by day. So, considering every person and continuously tracking is challenging for the HR department. Along with evaluating the performance of work, HR also needs to deal with employee’s attendance, payslips and […]

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    Getting work Updates Digitally Is One Step Ahead Than Getting Manually

    Approaching every person involved in a task that too in the current scenario with a huge manual work base in every IT Sectors or any company is very onerous, right?  Let’s Get Solution for The Above Problem FuguChat steps in here to aid the problem statement for you. Scrum Bot helps teams to manage their […]

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    Now make effective communication with guest, without compromising the company’s privacy

    Looking for a solution to help your clients through effective communication on your own chat app, without compromising the privacy of your employees and your data?An all purpose team collaboration chat app like Fugu can make all the difference — it helps users break all barriers to effective communication, given their very nature of being […]

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