• Empowering Fieldforce

    Google CRM Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

    Bulbul Google

    Tired of Switching Between your Gmail Inbox Tab and CRM? Sales team around the globe use Gmail to schedule calls, demos, meetings and to generally follow up on clients and that usually means switching between your gmail inbox and CRM. What you need is a CRM, that integrates with Google account and centralizes all your […]

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    Creating Engagement through Effective Customer Lifecycle Management- A Field Service use case

    Bulbul Tookan

    The underlying foundation of a successful business lies in its relationship with the customer and field service businesses are no exception, and may depend even more heavily on customer relationships than other types of business, due to the repetitive nature of those businesses. Modern CRM puts the client at the center of everything a business […]

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    Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers with Bulbul’s Single Customer View

    What is SCV? A Single Customer View (SCV) is where all the data you hold about each of your customers is stored and consolidated into one single view, allowing all data on the individual to be grouped and brought together to create a single view of that customer. With Bulbul’s customer view, all touchpoints – […]

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