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    Everything You Need to Know about Types of On-demand Services to Launch

    Types of On-demand Services

    How is your mood today? Fulfilled or hungry, tired or calm, satisfactory or disappointed? How about eating a double-cheese Margherita pizza to scare away blues or sending a personalised handmade card to make the day of your loved ones? Just wish, and an on-demand service app will be there for you. Luckily, you live in […]

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    On-Demand Delivery Services: Must-Have Features For an On-Demand Delivery


    The on-demand economy has gained immense popularity in the last few years. It has seen a growth of around 18%. Instigated by companies like Airbnb and Uber, this business model has redefined customer experiences across multiple industries. Food, beauty, transportation, travel, and healthcare being some of them.  As more companies offering services are trying to […]

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    How to Create an On-demand Delivery App?

    on-demand Delivery

    Introduction The ever-evolving demand for convenience is the reason behind many success stories of on-demand delivery apps. Unicorn start-ups like Uber, Zomato, AirBNB help users find products and get them delivered right at their doorsteps. For instance, the convenience of looking at hundreds of restaurants and ordering food directly from the app is a significant […]

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    Staffing Software – Hiring Made Easy

    Staffing Software

    Staffing software is a wide rubric of tools that helps recruiting and staffing agencies source talent, manage candidates and corporate client relationships, and track applicants throughout the hiring workflow. Most of these tools fall into large buckets with the most prominent, including, ATS (applicant tracking system), candidate sourcing, job distribution, candidate engagement, and onboarding. In […]

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    How To Optimize Reverse Logistics With Dispatch Software?

    Reverse Logistics

    Reverse logistics, a planned process of moving goods from the end-user to the seller or manufacturer, has commanded as much attention as conventional logistics in the past few years. The flexible return and exchange policies have begun to blur the line between online and in-store shopping experience. The pandemic has also caused an attitudinal shift […]

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    8 Trends of Dispatch Industry You Must Know Post-Covid-19

    DIspatch Industry Trends

    The year 2020 has brought a lot of ups and downs in the logistics industry. There have been several technological, managerial and operational changes that have transformed the sector bottom up.  We witnessed the rise of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation, and Blockchain. Startups came up with innovative ways […]

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    Guide to Future of Work – Digital Transformation Shaking up the Workplace

    Guide to future of work

    The present world has changed most of the jobs that we thought no longer exist and have changed others to pave the way for the new requirements of the labour industry. Subsequently, emerging professions have shown up thanks to the new demands that organisations look for. Then the COVID-19 pandemic pressed the fast-forward button, and […]

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    How ‘Future of Work’ is Helping Solve Japan’s Workforce Issues?


    Automation is one aspect of the modern industrial revolution that has been transforming the way work is done. The recent pandemic has pushed many economies, like Japan, to quickly adapt to automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning. Even before the ongoing pandemic, a McKinsey podcast on the future of work indicated that by […]

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    11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dispatch Software

    Benefits of using Dispatch Software

    A dispatch software makes infinitely more sense compared to traditional means of dispatch management, irrespective of the nature of your delivery needs. It’s a digital tool that takes care of end to end needs of field service businesses. It can automatically assign resources and personnel to tasks, provide you detailed reports of operations, assist in […]

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    The Ultimate Guide to Providing a Seamless Delivery Experience with Dispatch System

    Guide to Dispatch System

    With more and more people staying and working from home, the on-demand industry has come to the fore. Businesses now need new structures to cope with the unexpected surge in demand for products and services. To keep up with the increased market volatility, they have had to undergo swift transitions, the most apparent of all […]

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