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  • Yelo Yelo - Direct-to-Consumer Start an on-demand hyperlocal D2C marketplace to cater to the needs in your locality View MoreYelo
  • Tiger Tiger - Rental Marketplace Buy/sell goods & services online View MoreTiger
  • Husky Husky - Freelancer Marketplace Build your Freelance platform to connect employers and employees View MoreHusky
  • Panther Panther - Consultation Marketplace Build a Consultation Marketplace and connect experts with customers in real-time View MorePanther
  • Tookan Tookan - Delivery Management Deliver smarter and faster with world's #1 delivery management platform View MoreTookan
  • Flightmap Flightmap - Mapping Infrastructure Top-Notch Infrastructure providing precise location data and mapping solutions View MoreFlightmap
  • Jugnoo Jugnoo - Mobility Platform Digitize your mobility business with end to end Jugnoo SaaS products View MoreJugnoo
  • Bulbul Bulbul - CRM Software Increase revenue and improve customer service by managing sales, customers, and your team from one CRM platform. View MoreBulbul
  • Kato Kato - AI Powered Analytics With Kato's AI-powered analytics, you can streamline all your business analytics processes like data preparation, analytics dashboards and more View MoreKato
  • Fugu Fugu - Team Communication Simplified platform to communicate and collaborate with business stakeholders View MoreFugu
  • Hippo Hippo - Chat Platform Reimagine communication with field agents & empower team to work together View MoreHippo
  • Bumbl Bumbl - Marketing Automation Automate your marketing strategies across channels and generate, nurture and boost your lead count View MoreBumbl

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Reach More Customers with Efficient Deliveries

For the Subway UK franchise, Tookan is the advanced delivery management software that facilitates easy delivery tracking, daily and up-to-date notifications of each delivery task, automated alerts, defined operational delivery areas for each agent, and task and agent monitoring. We aim to empower daily operational challenges and provide you with end-to-end delivery solutions. Take a look at how Tookan is optimizing day-to-day operations for Subway UK Franchise.

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