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Start Marketplace like Uber Work:

By Akshay Kumar 10th October 2019
Start Business Like Uber Work

‘Uber’ the tech giant, known for its ride-hailing business, is diversifying its business from some time. It started a food delivery business which is popularly known as UberEats and has also ventured into the micro-mobility trend with Jump e-bikes and scooters. Recently the company has launched its new shift-work finder app known as Uber Works in Chicago which is soon to be expanded in other areas also. They are partnering with staffing agencies. A year ago, the Financial Times reported that the company is about to start a staffing business, but the company declined to comment at that time.


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What exactly Uber Works do?

As today millions of Americans are using staffing agencies to find work. Workers are facing rigid scheduling and false information about where they can pick up the shifts and how much they can earn. The company believes that the use of the latest technology can provide faster and easier means for people to get work, and they can also get insights into greater work opportunities. This will help workers as well as businesses.

Uber Work will provide more clarity about the available work by helping workers see relevant and available shifts in one place. They can get detailed information about the shift in which they are interested, including gross pay, locations, skills required, or required attire.

It also works as a one-stop-shop for the tracking needs as it allows a user to check-in, check-out and log breaks.


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


Also, it ensures timely payments to the workers and provides more transparency in case of payments and feedbacks. It will be very easy for the workers to find their desired shifts.

This will also benefit the businesses as they will get skilled workers, and also it will reduce scheduling headaches and staff up for unexpected demands for the businesses.

The proposition clearly brings value to both the sides of this marketplace system. It’s a great opportunity as it is a very new business segment and with a big brand like Uber starting it, the chances of it being a success are very high. If you were thinking to start an online business and confused what business to start, then starting this business could be a golden opportunity for you. You can start it in your region, utilize the home-ground advantage and take on the marketplace giant. Starting this business can be a turning point for you.

To start this business all you need is contacts with the staffing agencies and some platform to start an online marketplace, where you will be able to build an app or website for the business. Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms where you can build an online marketplace. At Yelo, we provide a specialized Marketplace Solution for this workflow. We call it ‘Uber for Work’, it provides you with the maximum number of features suited to run a full-blown marketplace globally.

Features of Yelo:

Ordering Dashboard:

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Customer Mobile Apps:

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Ordering Website:

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Merchants Apps:

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