Deliver groceries in less than 15 minutes

Start delivering groceries faster than ever to your customers' doorsteps through quick commerce. Provide seamless grocery ordering experience as well as efficient order tracking with real-time ETAs through the grocery delivery app.

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15 Minute Grocery Delivery

Redefining grocery delivery with super fast service

In the grocery delivery industry, 15 minute delivery is the new normal. Through the micro fulfilment centers hyperlocal grocery stores are now able to reach the customer within minutes. Q-commerce is transforming the local grocery delivery market, expanding business opportunities in addition to improving customer shopping experiences. Adopt the latest technology and have the competitive edge by delivering to your customers faster.

How Jungleworks grocery suite helps you to deliver faster

  • 15 Minute Grocery Delivery Geo Fencing Show your online store's offerings based on the location of the customers. Set serving radius for stores and auto-detect customer location.
  • 15 Minute Grocery Delivery Payment gateways Provide 80+ payment gateways for hassle-free payments and increased customer satisfaction.
  • 15 Minute Grocery Delivery Automated dispatch Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the delivery task to idle and closest agents.
  • 15 Minute Grocery Delivery Route optimisation Navigate the delivery agent through the most optimized route to make a doorstep delivery for every customer in the least possible time.

Features to enable lightning fast delivery

Embrace Diverse Features to Strengthen Your Delivery Management Operations

Ensure 15-minute grocery deliveries to your customers with the quickest doorstep services and end-to-end fleet monitoring.

Store panel for groceries store management

Provide separate dashboard for getting requests for managing orders

Branded customer ordering app for web & mobile

Create Grocery Mobile Apps & Website for your customers

Feature-packed grocery delivery platform
powered by leading-edge technology

  • Ubereats CloneInventory Management
  • Ubereats CloneDiscounts And Loyalty System
  • Ubereats CloneSocial Media Logins
  • Ubereats CloneFully Responsive Website Themes
  • Ubereats CloneRoute optimization
  • Ubereats CloneReal-Time Tracking
  • Ubereats CloneWorkforce Management
  • Ubereats CloneIn-app Alerts & Notifications

Wondering how you can deliver groceries to your customers within 15 minutes?

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